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Deep Healing of the


The Blueprint 
a World of Non-Cruelty
and Earth Peace-Eartheaven

Our Next Evolutionary Step

From Childhood Trauma to Adult Stress,

"Deep Healing"

is needed

Suffering from trauma and fractured growth as a child is to be replaced by true love and wisdom

Are You Called to Help?

Practice the Q7 Integrated Life System:

The Blueprint for Earth Peace & Eartheaven

Save the Animals

Deeply Heal Yourself 

All Life Is Sacred

Animals & Human Life

    The Suffering

Healing the Planet and Ourselves

Our broken self that is wounded needs to be healed to end cruelty. The 'cycle' of hurting has to stop. Cruelty is a violation of universal principle. Humanity cannot be at peace as long as we desecrate the land, air, water, food and animals, not to mention each other. Reverence for all life means to allow each specie to live their life. As Homo sapiens we also must live our lives according to universal principles which tells us to grow our hearts (true love) and heal our bodies which means a return to mother earth.

Our organization is dedicated to  deep transformation. Our focus is to create a new foundation for each individual and our planet, where eventually all living things are in harmony. All life must be respected.  H.E.L.P. Earth Peace Foundation exists to further our evolutionary growth, a leap to the next human level of true heart and health. A world with no cruelty to humans and animals. Looking further, we see a planet of true heart leading to true love and a pristine body.

The history of H.E.L.P. Earth Peace  Foundation started many years ago, during the 1970’s, when David Fastiggi embarked on his life journey for a wholesome understanding of spiritual and biological laws. From Fasting in the Mountains to science, the application of his learning, coupled with biological purification & spiritual awakaning changed his state of  being.


David is a graduate of the NY Institute of Dietetics, studied biological (naturopathic) medicine and the Bicher-Benner System at the Bicher-Benner Clinic in Switzerland, has extensive knowledge of Professor Arnold Ehret's healing system, and received his Doctorate of Science from the International University in Brussels. He is a former Vice President of the NY Naturopathic Society and World Medical Health Foundation. David was a Holistic Health Practitioner and consultant to medical professionals worldwide from 1980-1991.

The life of compassion to all life is the core of living. Creating true heart and deep cleaning of the body to transform life, ending all cruelty has been his vision for 40 years.

Introduction to H.E.L.P. EARTH PEACE


Becoming Vegan, living without wool, leather and use cruelty-free products.

Creating planetary earth peace and community of true heart and health.

We must Help our evolutionary life potential H.E.L.P.

A new Era from Homo Spaien to Homo Divinus Natus.

(Human Divine Birth)

Some change immediately. Some transition.

It's important to just get started.

It's Simple:

Violate no life and live true heart

Speak words that Help and Heal

Eat Green

Walk with Compassion

Curse no one

Voice out the truth not from ego but to awaken others

Be strong and ethical as a Guardian and Earth Peace Warrior

The Founder

David H. Fastiggi

What David and those supporting this vision have done so far:

+ David taught about the vegan life and detoxification during the 1970s. Again in the 1990s with 5 national tours. He has taught many programs for teens instilling awareness in non-cruelty and personal growth. Some of these programs have been conducted in Eastern Europe. Teaching in USA, Japan, Poland, the West Indies, Mexico, Russia and elsewhere, he has helped to lay a foundation for an awakening.

+ Provided  over 100 seminars on deep healing of the body and emotions including the historical need of non-cruelty.

+ We created The Integrated Life Academy of Spiritual and Biological Sciences.

+ Counseling and Coaching in both personal health and emotional well-being.

Starting Soon

+ Retreats where you can personally learn and train in the education of creating a new earth peace foundation.

+ Plan and carry out mass awareness programs globally to end all cruelty.

+ Personalized healing programs based in the Q7 Integrated Life System, from the book Deep Healing of the Generations

What You Can Do

Become an Earth Warrior Peacemaker

Personal Healing

  • Read "Deep Healing of the Generations" 

  •  Learn the Q7 integrated life System of healing your life.

  • Practice the 7 Levels of regeneration creating a foundation of eartheaven - earth peace.            

Our Collective Consciousness

  • Planetary meditation and prayer                                          


  • Exhausted and at the cliff? Find guidance of reassurance and words of wisdom.        

Heal Yourself and the Human Family


  • Help us financially. A monthly tax exempt donation helps us:

    • End ALL Cruelty

    • Provide Financial Assistance to those in need who wish to study at our Academy


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